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Virginia Business Records and Manuscripts Index

The Virginia Business Records and Manuscripts Index is searchable by initial letter of the county or city of the primary location of a business as well as other locations such as residences of customers. For example, if you wish to view what is available for Fairfax County, click on the letter F and all Fairfax entries listed as a primary and as other locations will display. Other locations beginning with the letter F such as Frederick County will also be displayed.

The index database is set up with the following fields:

  • Name of collection – typically includes the time period of the records. The index will also include out-of-state locations if there is evidence Virginians did business there.
  • Primary location – where the business was physically located.
  • Other locations – customer locations identified in the records.
  • Type – i.e. merchant, plantation book, personal account books, physician, lawyer or rental records.
  • Published? – indicates if published as a separate volume or in a journal such as the Magazine of Virginia Genealogy and identifies which volume.
  • Guides, indexes, inventories – typically links to online aids if available.
  • Online resources – clickable link to online website.
  • Repository – i.e. Library of Virginia, Virginia Historical Society, University of Virginia, Library of Congress, etc. Out of state repositories will be included.
  • Format/ Accession/Call # - this will also note if the item is available as interlibrary loan microfilm.
  • Remarks – this column allows submitters to identify useful information such as notations of a number of relationships or information on slaves.

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