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The second in the trilogy by Charles Francis Cocke, this book is available from The Library Shop at the Library of Virginia, Amazon and numerous used book sellers. This link is to a digital copy on Hathi Trust that allows only limited searching and no viewing of the pages unless you have a partner login on Hathi Trust.
Last Updated: 1 September 2020
Digital copy on Hathi Trust of the publication written by Charles Francis Cocke and published by the Virginia State Library in 1960. This is the first in a trilogy written by Charles Francis Cocke. From the Prefatory Note: "The early histories of counties and parishes are interwoven, and in tracing the development of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia, it has been necessary to review in some detail the formation of new counties from old counties and new parishes from old parishes. Such lines of descent make illuminating commentaries on the westward movement of population and are of considerable importance." A paperback copy of this publication as well as Parish Lines Diocese of Southern Virginia is available from The Virginia Shop at the Library of Virginia The third book in the trilogy, Parish Lines Diocese of Virginia, is available for purchase on Amazon and from numerous used book sellers.
Last Updated: 1 September 2020
The last in the trilogy by Charles Francis Cocke, this book is available from Amazon and numerous used book sellers. A digital copy of this publication is not available online. This publication roughly covers the geographic area north of the James River and east and north of the Nelson and Augusta County lines excluding the lower Peninsula and the Eastern Shore.
Last Updated: 1 September 2020
Link to a guide compiled by Cheryl Adams and Art Emerson, Humanities and Social Sciences Division, Library of Congress, January 1998.
Last Updated: 1 September 2020
Last Updated: 1 September 2020