Virginia Genealogical Society
Volunteer with VGS
Are you enthusiastic about Virginia history and genealogy?
Do you have a life-long love of learning?
Do you enjoy networking with others who have similar interests?
We’d love to have you on the VGS volunteer team where it’s our goal to make volunteering as enjoyable for you as it is valuable for us.  Whether you want to volunteer once a week, once a month, or once a year we have a place for you! 
Learn more about current volunteer opportunities below. If you find something of interest, download, complete, save, and return the volunteer interest form to our Volunteer Coordinator at If you have questions about volunteer opportunities or would like more information about volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator. 
Contribute to VGS Publications
Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Publication Guidelines 
Abstract and transcribe original documents of genealogical significance to Virginia and (West) Virginia for publication in the Magazine of Virginia Genealogy. Content of the Magazine focuses on original material not previously published or indexed with a focus on (but not limited to) pre-1820 material. Burned record county material is especially welcome including material from out-of-state institutions.
If you have a record item (short or even one that needs serialized) that you can access and would like to transcribe please contact the editor to see if it fits the magazine content.
If you're willing to take on an assignment of an already identified record please indicate your geographic area(s) of interest, comfort level with early handwriting (experienced, intermediate, some experience), or printed material (i.e., newspapers) and length (2–3 pp., 5–10 pp., 10–20 pp., or length not an issue). In many cases digital copies of the material can be provided.
VGS Newsletter
Join a VGS Committee or Special Project Team
VGS Virtual Conference Committee
VGS held its first virtual conference in 2020. Out-of-state VGS members were so thrilled with the opportunity to be able to attend a VGS conference that VGS has decided to make the fall conference virtual each year from now on. Many opportunities to assist with conference planning and/or running the conference are available including moderating the event, answering attendees’ technical questions during the event, running the GoToWebinar platform, developing the conference program, and contacting vendors and organizations to request door prizes and vendor ads.
The estimated time commitment is between five and ten hours per month depending on which part of the conference you are working on.
VGS Webinar Team
VGS holds five webinars each year. The Webinar Committee consists of several people who determine the topic and speaker for each webinar, set up the webinar in GoToWebinar, and arrange with other committees for each webinar to be advertised in the Newsletter, on the VGS website, and on VGS social media accounts. The Webinar Team consists of five people who run each webinar: (1) a moderator, (2) a person to run GoToWebinar, (3) someone to answer attendees’ technical questions, (4) someone to gather attendee questions for the speaker, and (5) someone to back up the other team members.
The estimated time commitment for the webinar team is about less than three hours per month depending on which task you are working on.
VGS Blog Team
VGS is seeking enthusiastic individuals to work as a team to determine the content and frequency of the blog. One individual will lead the team and the others will contribute by writing blogs, locating guest blog writers, and finding individuals to verify the information in each blog post before it's published.
The estimated time commitment for team members is five hours or less per month. 
Virginia County and City Research Guides Team
VGS is seeking individuals who are knowledgeable about researching in Virginia counties and cities to create research guides. Volunteers work as a team to develop the research guide format, recruit individuals to write guides, and proof, edit and verify information in the guides.
The estimated time commitment is ten hours per month.
Volunteer for the NGS 2023 Family History Conference in Richmond
The NGS 2023 Family History Conference is coming to Richmond 31 May–4 June 2023. Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to, helping with attendee check-in, working at the VGS booth, session room monitor, and "ask me" booth.
Please check "I am willing to volunteer for the NGS 2023 Family History Conference in Richmond" on the volunteer interest form.