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Nominations of qualified individuals and organizations for any of the five awards must be received in the VGS office before February 1 of each year.


1. Eligibility and Nomination Criteria

  1. Current VGS Board members are not eligible for awards.
  2. Membership in VGS in not required of a nominator or nominee.
  3. Awards can be given posthumously.
  4. A nominator may not submit a nominee for more than one award.
  5. A nominator may subit multiple nominees for a given award.
  6. A nominator may submit nominees for all five categories.

2. Requested Information

  1. Name, address, e-mail, and telephone number of the nominator.
  2. Name, address, and email of the nominee.
  3. Supporting information that is brief yet detailed; discussion of at least three achievements is requested.
  4. Additional documentation, such as a list of publications.
  5. If award is posthumously, provide additional information including to whom presentation should be made.
  6. A citation that highlights the significance of the nominee's achievements.

3. Application Forms

Standardized application forms are available from the Society office or may be downloaded (see below).  These forms are not required for use provided nomination packages include information prescribed in Item 2 above.

Fellow Award

Virginia Records Award

Commonwealth Award

Volunteer Award

Honorary Life Member Award


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