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For Virginia Researchers

Because of the close proximity of the Library of Virginia and Virginia Historical Society, VGS does not maintain a library, research facility, or surname material and does not employ research staff. The link below is a list in PDF format of Virginia-based researchers. Hard copy is available upon receipt of a SASE business envelope. 

Note: Inclusion in this list carries no endorsement by VGS nor is VGS accountable for inadvertent misrepresentations contained therein.


List of Virginia Researchers (PDF)

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Charitable Bequests

Please consider making a bequest to the Virginia Genealogical Society or Library of Virginia Foundation as part of your estate planning by incorporating the following wording:

I give, devise, and bequeath to the Virginia Genealogical Society, a charitable organization located in Richmond, Virginia, (the sum of $______)/(______ percent of my estate) to be used for its exempt purposes, and further give, devise and bequeath to the Library of Virginia Foundation, a charitable organization located in Richmond, Virginia the following tangible personal property [all my genealogical notes, papers and files, and any books or publications relating to genealogy or local or family history] together with (the sum of $_______)/(_____ percent of my estate), to be used for its exempt  purposes.


Awards Program

In September 1995, the Virginia Genealogical Society's Board of Governors formally established a three-category awards program to recognize individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to the genealogical community.

Read more: Awards Program

VGS Website Launched

Thank you for visiting the new Virginia Genealogical Society website.

This site is based on open source industry-standard web database technologies. The site is dynamic, meaning all of the web pages are built as you request them, based on what is in the database at the time.

While there is more work on the site that needs to be done, principally, adding member access for all of our members, we wanted to give people the opportunity to take a look around, and let us know what you think.

We appreciate your patience while we add members to the members-only portion of the site, and provide them with access to members-only content and discounts on the site. This process will take a couple of weeks, please contact the webmaster if you want us to expedite the set up of your member access.

Read more: VGS Website Launched

VGS Matching Grants Program

The Virginia Genealogical Society has a deep interest in preservation and access of Virginia related material, which would assist genealogical and historical researchers. This grant program is designed to support the small to moderate sized organization or library that maintains an archival program of material that assists researchers of Virginia genealogical and historical information. This organization need not have certified archivists on staff. However, it should be preserving material according to archival standards established by the Society of American Archivists and the Mid-Atlantic Archives Conference.

Read more: VGS Matching Grants...

About Us

The Virginia Genealogical Society was organized in 1960. The mission of the Society is to promote and foster family history education and research, publish genealogical information, and share accumulated knowledge.

VGS Members receive 20% discounts on publications and other benefits. To learn more, visit Membership.

To see member pricing on the website, you must have a member-level web account and log in using the login form on the left.

Please note that because of our close proximity to the Library of Virginia and the Virginia Historical Society, the Virginia Genealogical Society does not maintain a research facility or surname material.

To contact members of the Board, see our Contact page.

VGS Special Grants Program

The Virginia Genealogical Society has a deep interest in providing access to Virginia related material which would assist genealogical and historical researchers. This special grant program is designed to assist an institution which maintains an archival collection of material of value to researchers of Virginia genealogical and historical information, by supporting a project to make its archival material more available to researchers.

Read more: VGS Special Grants...

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